TRIPADVISOR august 2019

As an Aussie foodie we have a passion for Italian cuisine. Planning our tour to Sicily earlier in the year I asked around about cooking lessons and a colleague mentioned he had a wonderful experience with Fiora and provided her details. Organising the day and time with Fiora was zero fuss. I had no expectations. Nothing prepared us for Fiora’s oceanic generosity of spirit, time and genuine concern to meet our needs. We met out the front of the Apollo Cafe at the appointed time and went straight to the market. The market is mesmerising with its abundance of local seafood, meat and vegetables. I particularly loved Daniela who had been standing over hot coals since 4.30 am roasting peppers, onions and eggplants. At every stall Fiora checked in with us and said ‘would you like…’ and I was wondering how much food was to be cooked. Visiting the local Sicilian gourmet food store was also a highlight. We then went to Fiora’s very elegant home and had a drink whilst Fiora changed into her chef’s whites. What then occurred was 4 hours of gastronomic learning and heaven. I will work hard to perfect all of this deliciousness at home. If you want to experience truly personalised customer service do not miss a cooking experience with Fiora. Thank you Fiora our stomachs and hearts were full and my husband loved the arancini you packed for him.


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