Serve 6

9 tomatoes like cherry or piccadilly

1 egg plant

Time and basil


Sugar and salt

OIL extra virgin of olive

For the dough : 300g of flour,170g of butter, 2 eggs,35g of parmigiano,

1 teaspoon of time

For the caramel : 3 spoon of sugar,10g of butter,some drops of lemon and

1 spoon of water.

Cut the tomatoes in two and season with oil,garlic,time,salt and

sugar.bake for two hour at 100^ grades.

Cut the eggplants in slices of 2cm and put them under salt for 1

hour,then wash and dry them.

Bake for 20m at 180 ^ grades

Prepare the dough with all ingredients ( the butter must be cold )and

rest in the refrigerator for 30minutes

Prepare the caramel: melt the sugar with water and some drops of lemon

..when is brown add the cold butter and put the caramel in a small

baking tin,add the tomatoes,the egg plant and the dough rolled very


Bake at 170^ grades for 15minutes

Turn gently the baking tin , add the burrata and 1 leave of basil


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