For two people

300g fresh anchioves

10 cherry tomatoes

Pine nuts ( 1 big spoon )


extra virgin olive oil

wild fennel ( you can use the fresh wild fennel…I used the pesto wild fennel…it is more aromatic and less work )

breadcrumbs ( my bread crumbs is made with 4 slices of

loaf smoothie,toasted in a pan and when is cold I add 1 teaspoon of pecorino, time and zest of orange. ( You can keep in a closed pot in fridge )

Put in a pan oil and garlic, add the fresh anchioves  cleaned and boned,

add a bit of white wine, the tomatoes the pine nuts and salt .

Boil the spaghetti in a salt water, when they are cooked ( al dente) put in a pan with the fish, mix well and add one and half spoon of wild fennel. Serve over the spaghetti with a bit of breadcrumbs .


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