“Being a foodie in Sicily is truly la dolce vita! And being an Ayurvedi there is truly dolcissima. Not only are Italians so naturally attuned to the medicinal value of food and herbs – that same nutritional wisdom that is so foundational to Ayurveda – but in Sicily specifically, thanks to its history of maritime trade with the eastern Mediterranean, many of Ayurveda’s food staples are stars of traditional Sicilian dishes. Garbanzo, mung, almonds, pistachios, raisins, citrus, pomegranate, fennel, broad beans, peppers, rice, saffron.

So it was extra gorgeous to spend a day with Fiora, the Cooking Maestra of Ortigia, along with new friends from Israel and New Zealand who shared great stories of their culinary adventures across la bella Sicilia! To learn more about Fiora, or to book a day of cooking with her, visit her website.”

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