Serve  6


400g of Rice Carnaroli,

500g of clams,

500g of mussels,

400g of squid,

10 shrimps,

1 glass of white wine,

1 large spoon of tomato concentrated,

1 garlic,

1 shallot,

1 carrot,

1 celary coast,

fresh parsley,

1 fresh tomato ,

olio extra virgin and salt.

Wash the clams and the mussells and put in two separate pots. Cover and let them open on high heat. Eviscerate and peel the squid. Wash them thoroughly and cut them in  small pieces . shell mussels and clams, filter the cooking water and store it. Shell the shrimps and use the heads to prepare a bisque with carrot,celary,shallot, fresh tomato and oil. Saute’ the bisque, add oil , water and cook for 30m. Saute’ the squid in a pan with a little bit of oil and let them season for a few minutes.Chop the shallot and let it dry in a saucepan with a little oil. When it will have become transparent, add the rice and toast for a few minutes stirring.Blend with white and continue cooking the rice adding first the tomato concentrated and then slowly  the water of the molluscs with the broth of the bisque.Two minutes before the rice is ready ( it takes 20m approximately)

add the squid,the shrimps, the clams and the mussels, and the fresh parsley.

Live the rice covered for five minutes before to serve.


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