If you are interested at the Sicilian Cuisine…
you can try a cooking day with me.

I start with the visit to the fish market where we spend on hour approximately, I will show you some
tipical vegetables in season, the Mediterranean Fish, tasting some sicilian cheese and excellent oil.

Then we go back home, and i will be friendly helpful to explain you with love and passion, how to cook two… three dishes of our region and you can cook with me, all surrounded by an informal setting based on an atmosphere and typically Sicilian hospitality.

At the end there will be the aperitif and lunch.


Chicago culinaria 2019

Dove una deliziosa colazione con un cappuccino talmente buono da non rimpiangere l’Italia ? Da FLORIOLE   Cafe&Bakery…nominata Best Bakery in Chicago. Ottima pasticceria un po’ alla francese, originale nelle composizioni deliziose…





350g  sword fish  cut into very thin slices

15 capers

Chopped parsley

20g of pecorino cheese

70g of provolone  cheese

Lemon zest


Salt and pepper


In a bowl mix the bread crumbsd, the pecorino the lemon zest, the parsley , the  capers,  and the provolone cut in small cubes, salt and pepper. Add oil just enough to obtain a soft but grainy dough.

Put on each slice of swordfish a little filling and fold the long sides inward, then roll it up on itself from the short side until it forms a well-closed . Put the roll into a wooden stick and proceed with all the rolls. Pass the skewers in extra virgin olive oil and then in a little breadcrumbs .

You can bake( 180 c ) or grill


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