hello my friends….do you want to know how I cooked today ? A very simple dish but .very tasty..it is a typical sicilian and seasonal ..

4 artichokes, 150g of breadcrumbs, garlic,parsley,parmigiano,salt and pepper ..Mix all ingredients and putting the filling between a  leaf  and the other….the leaves remain all…

Now..take a pot, add the artichokes,

half glass of extra virgin of olive oil, 1 glass of water and cook  over medium heat for 10 m and to minimum after…


Today October 30……at the Ortigia fish market

imageVery nice people from Canada and Hong Kong…..we cook  cuttlefish sauce with the ink…beccafico(fresh anchioves stuffed ) fried pepper  suite and sauer…spaghetti with bottarga ( dry eggs tuna fish)…….falso magro with patatoes , onions, cherry tomatoes , sage,rosmarin,time, and citronella…..for dessert cannoli and  ravioli with suite ricotta……amazing  food !

today…with very nice people from Alaska we cooked the ” FALSOMAGRO”

RECIPE  :½ kg  of minced veal, 50g of breadcrumbs,  50g of ragusano cheese,50g of mortadella,2 eggs,2 hard boiled eggs,two generous tablespoon of parmesan,  parsley, one glass of milk,salt , pepper and if you like a bit of garlic. Dress the meat with all ingredients.Spread the meat and stuff with ragusano cheese, mortadella,hard boiled eggs. Roll it and cook in the oven with onion,cherry tomatoes, time, sage, rosmarino at 180° for approximately 50 minutes.

untitledcooking with Alaska people